Bork Havn Fjord Opening

Windsurf PRO/AM Regatta

& Testfestival



The time has come that Devil-Line Windsurfing

in co-operation with WestWind Bork

invites you to the Bork Havn Fjord Opening 2019


Depending on the weather and wind conditions there is a 

One Hour Classic Race

promising a various and exciting windsurfing day.


Everyone enjoys surfing!



Everyone is welcome regardless of equipment and physical level,

as long you are able to surf a 15-20 km long course.



It is not necessary to have a license  or sail number.

You should make sure to have a liability insurance and

personal safety equipment.


You will be able to test the latest windsurfing equipment. click here




May 11th, 2019 



WestWind Bork

Bryggen 10, 6893 Hemmet



Further information




Click here


at WestWind Shop Bork Havn



Devil-line Windsurfing in co-operation 

with Westwind Bork Havn



Every participant needs to wear a certified swimming vest.


All foilers need to wear a helmet


Place to stay:



Bork Havn Camping




Participation in Bork Havn Fjord Opening (bhfo)



Authoritative application:


I am taking part in the bhfo and now declare that I am healthy and able to swim at least 500m without any help.

The rules required for the bhfo are binding to me.

With the payment of the starting fee I confirm that I have to cover personal and/or property damage myself or through my insurance.


Disclosing liability Exclusion:


The organisers of the bhfo shall not be liable for damage to the participant or his or her equipment or equipment.